Hello, thank you for visiting my page. I am Saba, I work as a Science teacher and sewing is a passion that has crept upon me stich by stich. I think about new projects all the time. I started this blog for my sewing adventure. Although I have had some sewing instruction from my mother who taught sewing and art at the time I didn’t have the patience to appreciate the art of sewing. Most of what I have learnt is self taught from YouTube and blog tutorials.  In my posts I share my inspirations, aspirations and frustrations to get there!

I often find myself looking at someone’s outfit and just smiling – the perfect dress, colour, shade and type of fabric. Without meaning to I will immediately start to imagine how to construct a certain item of clothing deciding which pattern would be a perfect starting point.

Why sewing? The reasons are tireless, perfect fit, unique, and hand sewn quality. Why spend endless hours hunting for the seasons look, to get an outfit that vaguely resembles your first choice…. when you sew your own it’s…  your vision… your design …your dress…your perfect fit!

I found myself transitioning to woven patterns and testing out new sewing techniques.  soon I found myself unhappy when not sewing. I started to plan projects so that when even away from my machine I could plan the next sew. I am starting this blog to seriously challenge myself and record my sewing adventure. I aim to pick up advanced skills on this journey part self-taught tutorials and part by attending short courses. 

My aim is to have my entire wardrobe only containing #madebyme clothes I am not putting a timeliine on this, a year from now (January 2021) I will reflect on how much of my wardrobe is self sewn. For most of my projects I plan to source sustainable natural materials. The. natural fabrics I like to work with are cotton, linen and viscose. Materials will be sourced sustainably as well as upcyling garments I already have.

If you would like to work together on a project or would like to contact me for anything sewing related you can write to me at: sewshayarana@gmail.com