#5 Sew Wizardry Wednesday


Introducing miss_vivekananadhan


We are already at week 5 of our posts, I have enjoyed sharing my finds and am constantly on the lookout for sharing the talents in the sewing community. Today it is my pleasure to introduce to you Ramaya talented fashion designer Ramaya aka miss_vivekanandhan.


1. What is your insta handle:  @miss_vivekanandhan


2. What is your current sewing project you are working on?

Currently I am working on my Birthday dress, It’s a burgundy velvet frock and thats the only rich fabric i hold right now in this COVID pandemic.


3. How and when did you start fashion sewing?

I’ve always been interested in clothes right from childhood. Whatever readymade clothes i buy it will end up loose for me, so I learnt basic stitching from my Mom for altering those clothes. I am a Software Engineer and worked in IT sector for 4 years, And finally now I left my IT job and started designing clothes  on my own.


4. Where do you seek your sewspiration?


I follow a lot of designers in my instagram, their new designs inspire me to try it; I even have 10K designs downloaded from pinterest and various other sources.


5.What strategies do you follow to complete a difficult sewing project, do you have any tips for this?


     “The more difficult the project is, the more stubborn I am to complete it”  Some light fabrics like chiffon are really hard to sew, in that case I used to do hand stitch for each and every step and then sew in the machine, even though it’s time consuming this tip is actually better than seam ripping and alteration.


6. What is your favourite fabric to work with?


Light fabrics like chiffon, satin, floral etc are my favorite fabrics, though this is difficult to stitch it will look elegant once done, it gives a great flow for circle skirts and gowns.


7. Which is your most favorite make? why do you like this?


I like every dress I’ve made so far, to pick one I would choose my floral chiffon gown.

8.What do you like best about sewing?


Sewing just helps me to sew whatever design I want or whatever design I like to wear, instead of searching for the one that fits me, in stores. And this makes me a creator instead of a buyer.


9.What advice do you give to others interested in sewing but haven’t tried yet?


Just start no matter how worst it turns out, you can’t learn sewing overnight, You can definitely learn something with time, you can design best garments over months and years of sewing. And don’t use some cheap and old fabrics when you start, instead use good quality cotton fabrics. If you buy quality fabrics you will be more cautious while sewing and you will do it with more care. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t turn out good just keep trying.


10. What are your  future sewing plans/ your next sewing project?


I would love to sew dramatic wedding gowns and Indian lehengas in the future, my next project will be a gown with tired skirt bottom.


Is there anything else sewing related you would like to share?

  1. i) To design clothes it is not necessary to hold a degree in fashion designing, our ancestors had made so manyesigns in the past without any fashion schools, internet, youtube etc. They just tried different designs on their own. Now we have almost everything available on the internet all we have to do is search, find and do it.


  1. ii) Avoid using readymade patterns because only then you’ll learn pattern making, it will improve your thinking and design skills. Using readymade patterns is fine if you are running out of time and want to complete a dress asap. But if you want to become a fashion designer and wanted to have that as your career then learn pattern making on your own instead of buying readymade patterns.


Thank you,

Ramya, vivekanandhan


Sew Shayarana Likes:

The blue belt on the dress in the photo is what first caught my attention in Ramaya’s posts since then I have looked forward to her upcoming projects, I also like her video where she shares the sewing process. Each project is lovingly curated with great insight in detail and design features. Go and take a look!




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