Sew Wizardry Wednesday

Introducing Noor_Fuzz

I came across Noor’s designs earlier this year and really liked a linen top she designed, her work is edgy and stylish and you can tell that she loves what she does.

1. Instagram handle   @noorfazz_design

website:  www.noorfazz.com



2. What is your current sewing project that  you are working?

I am currently working on a modern traditional mustard 2 piece dress. This dress will be created for the Eid celebration in June. As of now, I have the pattern (which took me two weeks to finalise) created. 


3.How and when did you start fashion design/sewing?

All my life, I’ve been watching my mother sew from the sidelines. However, between the ages of 14 and 15, I started to alter my school uniform. Upon seeing my uniform, my friends decided to send their own uniform to me for alterations, soon everyone in my friend group had me altering their clothes. I started fashion designing in the middle of 2015, the thought occurred to me when I was shopping for clothes in the mall but couldn’t seem to find the perfect outfit for me. It was then I thought, “Why don’t I learn to make my own clothes?” after this I enrolled myself to a fashion school to learn the art of fashion designing and pattern making. 


4. Where do you seek your ‘sewspiration’?

My ‘sewspiration’ comes from all over. I read tons of fashion magazines, scroll through Pinterest for the latest trends and occasionally, inspiration dawns on me when I am travelling around Malaysia.


 5. What strategies do you follow to complete a difficult sewing project, do you have any tips for this?

I don’t have a specific strategy. Although I do have a work schedule allocated for myself in which every day there’s a different process for the project. For example, on the first day I illustrate my project. I do the pattern making on the next day. The day after that I cut my desired fabrics. After everything is finalised I start sewing.


6. Which is your favourite type of fabric to work with?

I especially like to work with linen, as you know, they are very obedient to work with.


7. Which is your most favourite make? Why do you like this?

My favourite make has got to be this lovely dress. 

It’s made with bubble fabric and I incorporated pockets into the design. I love the way this dress feels while I’m wearing it. It is extremely comfortable and it gives a nice flowing effect when walking.


8. What do you like best about sewing?

The best feeling I get is when I am done with my project and I get to see the finalised piece, ready-to-wear. It gives me a sense of satisfaction seeing that I can make extraordinary pieces.


9. What advice do you give to others interested in sewing but haven’t yet tried….

My advice is to make sure that this is really what you want to do. Sewing requires a lot of practice you especially need the want and interest in sewing to make sure all your efforts aren’t wasted.


10.  What are your  future sewing plans/your next sewing project?

I plan on making a lace bustier corset couture dress.


Is there anything else sewing related  you would like to share?

Keep making & Stay stylish.


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