#3 Sew Fine Friday


Feeling good about the #memademay challenge, today is Day 8 and I have been able to wear me made, every day (including one day of lounge pants). To add to my growing #memade collection I have managed to finally sew two pairs of Penny Leggings from Sinclair patterns, which are a good fit and did not need modifications as patterns are already in petite, regular and tall.


During the first week of Me made May I have become four eyed trying to locate the patterns all the talented sewists have shared on Instagram as part of the challenge. I came across a Indie Pattern company based in France after seeing one of their quaint shirts sewn up in different fabrics.

Website: www.atelier-scammit.com


Instructions style: Detailed instruction booklet with lots of step by step diagrams and photos.


Free patterns: Yes to test out the quality of their Patterns and instructions there are.free patterns for home decor and accessories including a face mask and a cute bag.


Insta: @atelierscammit

Tutorials: All tutorials are on the website, each pattern has specific video tutorials that are easy to access by going directly to the pattern on the website.


Level: There are patterns available to suit everyone’s cup of tea. From beginners to advanced you will find it hard to resist getting a new pattern. The patterns are elegant with unique design features, a dainty flounce is featured in a lot of patterns for women’s tops and dresses. Each pattern has several looks, some as many as 16 possibilities! 


Facebook group: Click here


Sew Shayarana Likes: Just like most indie pattern designers, when you start sewing with Atelier Scammit you will find yourself become part of the community, sharing your own versions of each pattern. There is a personal touch and extra care has been taken with the detailed pattern instructions, lots of photos for each step both on English and French. The website is also available in English so you won’t have difficulty navigating.


Sew Shayarana wish list: Liseron shirt, seeing several versions of this on Instagram is what led me to discover Atelier Scammit l. I have brought the pattern and will share my version on my posts. 


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