#3  Sew Wizardry Wednesday

Introducing Alexandra Instagram sewists who can be found @crazydenimlady. I am sure you will love reading her interview. Mindful Sewist with a unique design aesthetic, breathing life in to old and new creations alike, styling them with pazazz! All her makes are inspiring.



1)Your instagram handle @crazydenimlady


2) What is your current sewing project you are working on?

I am always working on multiple projects. When an idea gets into my head (and there are many of them!) I cannot wait to get started and often find myself with a number of unfinished projects waiting for me to complete them. Currently I am participation in the popular sewing challenge #sewapril and I am working on a jumpsuit in green jersey. 


3) How and when did you start fashion design/sewing?

I started sewing toys as a small child and made my first garment at 16 when I was given a sewing machine as a birthday gift from my family. I started out with patterns from Burda Young and Burda Easy and I am still a huge fan of Burda sewing patterns. 


4)Where do you seek your ‘sewspiration’?

I find inspiration from fashion photos and of course from all the wonderful sewists of instagram. Many times an idea just pops up in my head, or I simply let a beautiful fabric inspire me.


5)What strategies do you follow to complete a difficult sewing project, do you have any tips for this?

I would say that if a project requires technically advanced sewing skills it is a good idea to make a muslin, at least for part of the pattern. Then it is possible to practice and verify that instructions are correctly understood. There are also tons of instruction videos on Youtube to explain all possible sewing techniques in detail.


6) Which is your favourite type of fabric to work with?

I love denim and especially upcycling denim from wornout jeans. As we all know, the manufacturing of denim takes a huge toll on the environment and it is important not to let this material go to waste if it can be reused into something new.


7) Which is your most favourite make? Why do you like this?

It seems that my most favourite make is always the one I finished last 🙂 I have just completed  coat 116 from Burda 12/2019 made from a beautiful mauve brocade that I won in the REFEBULOUS challenge by @madebyliesl earlier this year, the prize was provided by generous sponsor fiberstofabric

8)What do you like best about sewing?

What I like best about sewing is the freedom it gives me to be creative in my outfits and have every details exactly like I want it, and to have good fit of course. The sustainability aspect is also important to me. A lot of my fabrics come from the thrift store or from old garments that I refashion into something new.


9) What advice do you give to others interested in sewing but haven’t yet tried….

For someone who is interested in sewing it is great to start with a simple pdf pattern that doesn’t require tracing, or perhaps Burda Easy pattern with clear instructions. A plain top is a good starting point for a sewing beginner. Pick a fabric that is easy to work with such as jersey or cotton lawn and avoid troublemakers like silk or faux leathers. And most important – don’t be afraid to try! We all make mistakes and learn from them. Also, sewing can be a lonely hobby. Join the Instagram sewing community, it is such a great and friendly place to hang out.


10) What are your  future sewing plans/your next sewing project?

My next sewing project is a white blazer for my son’s upcoming graduation day. He will participate in the making and I am looking forward to teach him how to sew. I also want to keep improving my own sewing skills and learn new things!


SewShayarana Likes: I love the sewapril challenge coat, when Alexandra sent the photos through, I thought I had missed the post on Instagram so scrolled through all the posts, only to find out the coat had not yet been posted however I came across some hidden gems such as the refebulous challenge top, a tye incorporated in to a top, so clever, it’s also mixing two types of fabric, jersey and satin, the result is eclaitic!




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