#3 Sew Monday Meets

May the 4th be with you 🙂 

It is only fitting that for the first Sew Monday Meets post in May I introduce the creator of Me Made May (MMM) which is in it’s 11th year, in today’s sewing blogger review you can learn more about ‘So Zo What do You Know’. MMM is an amazing movement, to get everyone to share their own sewn garments at whatever pace is suitable  throughout the month of May, promoting slow sustainable fashion with a can’t get in the shops fit! Zo created this event when she was in Spain, it has gained in popularity many fold since it’s humble beginnings, many indie pattern designers also participate, if you want see great makes and design inspirations you can search for #memademay2020, like what you see and you can’t get enough then you can look for last year’s too!


Sewing Blog: So Zo What do you know

Sewing Blogger Name: Zo     


Newest Post: Stripy La Trop Facile Jacket-igan

Blogging since: 2008      


News Letter: No, but  you can subscribe for new posts.


Blog style and Features:

This Blog has a posts section which goes back to 2008, the style of writing is enjoyable to read, and voluntarily you will be coaxed into trying out one of the many sewing, Zo has managed to crunch through her make nine list and has 4/9 completed already! From herpher blog posts you can expect clear photos, front back and sides, so you can examine the fit and look.

The posts detail where each pattern is from, together with previous makes of the same pattern. I have noticed mostly indie patterns, however the range of all the different designers covered is comprehensive, for sure you will come across names that are not familiar to you, yet you will want to sew them (I am thinking about the Jacketi-gan as I write this post, in fact I can’t stop thinking about it, as it just has this subtle, smart casual, comfortable  and yet stylish look). Also on Zo’s blog you will find free sewing patterns and a range of tutorials.


Sew Shayarana Likes……

I like reading all about Me Made May (it has it’s own separate tab 🙂) as well as reading about how it all started I felt moved seeing everyones pledges, which in turn made my commitment steadfast to Me Made May, I hope after May I will be able to continue with Me Made. My favourite post is ‘My favourite french sewing patterns‘. This post covers a range of 11 designers, it also has my current favourite which I will be writing a review for in our next ‘Sew Fine Friday’ post.

Like what you read so far? Leave a comment and go check out Zo’s blog. More from me on Wednesday, take good care of yourselves and sew to your heart’s content.



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