#2 Sew Wizardry Wednesday

The idea for sharing talented instagram sewists came from my interaction with Levsha our featured guest for Sew Wizardry Wednesday. Having seen a clever tutorial for sewing numerous rouleaus I commented on the post and we shared some exchanges, we both agreed the translate feature on Instagram allowed for more international sewing interaction!


1) Your instagram handle 

@levsha.sew   https://www.instagram.com/levsha.sew/

2) What is your current sewing project you are working on?

I am currently working on two Burberry style raincoats. One of them will go to Paris. Another one will go to city not far from Moscow. Designer style Raincoats like Burberry are my main kind of work. 

3)How and when did you start  fashion sewing?

I started to sew about 7 years  ago. I worked in a large international company that was engaged in the production of clothes. I had a high position there, I was a head of department. Then I became interested in sewing. I made a skirt for myself from two squares but I didn’t know how to sew a zipper. I decided to go to sewing school but I didn’t finish it because in 2015 I went on maternity leave. I started taking orders for sewing at home. My first clients were my friends and family. Then it was other people. I never returned to my previous place of work. Since then, my life has been closely connected with sewing.

4) Where do you seek your ‘sewspiration’?

These are mainly fashion brand shows. To better consider the model, I use online stores like ‘net a porte’ or ‘farfetch.com’. Also looking for inspiration on Pinterest. 

5) Which strategies do you follow to complete a difficult sewing project, do you have any tips for this?
In most cases, I don’t have problems completing difficult projects, because I’m always wondering what the result will be. We have difficulties because we don’t know how to do some elements. Therefore, you can first practice on the sample, and then take on the main fabric. Before hard project I often make a model from cheap fabric (rough white cotton fabric). 

6)Which is your favourite type of fabric to work with? 

I always try to buy a natural composition fabrics for me and for my clients. I work a lot with cotton and wool, because I sew a lot of raincoats and coats. I like to sew from these fabrics because it’s easy. For the summer I prefer clothes made of viscose, silk or linen. I don’t really like to sew silk. It is not simple.

7) Which is your most favourite make? Why do you like this? 

Oh, Difficult question! I love all of them. A lot of love and patience is invested to each of them. With each project I learned something new, invented a way to simplify a complex operation as with the rouleau in the last dress. The most difficult and favorite thing was a winter coat.  I didn’t sew such clothes before. For me, everything was new there. Sometimes I cried when I sewed. It was so difficult that I wanted to quit twice. But the Russian winter did not leave me a chance. I had to finish it. Most likely I will never sew a winter coat again (never say never). Therefore, I love it and hate it at the same time.

8) What do you like best about sewing?
I enjoy the process a lot. Recently I changed my sewing machine and now I don’t want to leave the table at all. I like to see the joyful faces of clients who come to pick up a raincoat or coat. I like when people on the street wonder where I buy some dress or coat. They are very surprised when I answer that I sewed it myself. My back becomes straighter when I put on my own sewn garments it is very pleasant.


9) What advice do you give to others interested in sewing but haven’t yet tried….

Of course try! If you don’t try you will never know if you like to sew or not. What if sewing is your life’s business? Try and don’t be afraid. The biggest thing you will ruin is a piece of fabric. I don’t know about your country but in Russia there are a lot of different sewing schools and courses. By the way I started my sewing way from the sewing school and now from time to time take courses to improve my skills. For the first time you don’t need expensive sewing machine. Moreover now there are a lot of ready patterns with detailed description (Instagram @grasser_patterns, @vikisews_patterns, @laforme, @sew.it.now). Good luck!

10) What are your future sewing plans/your next sewing project?

Because of covid19 pandemic some orders were canceled. But I have more time to sew for myself. I am making summer clothing for me. One dress is ready. Soon I will start with linen trousers and jacket, then some more dresses.


Sew Shayarana Likes:

I really liked how Levsha inserted a design feature in the sleeves to prevent colours in the plaid stripes from being over bearing. This is so clever and stylish at the same time! Her tutorial for rouleaus on the dress was genius, there was a teaser post and I was wondering how this would be achieved the next day the process was shared and now I would like to sew a dress like this too!



  1. Joost De Cock

    Hey, since I’m not on Facebook or instragram I wasn’t sure how to reach you other than this.
    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve added your blog to the sewcialists firehose. Sorry for the delay, things have been pretty hectic the last weeks.



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