#2 Sew Monday Meets

How was your sewing week last week? Did you get done, all that you had  planned to sew? I find it is a win win either way, when I get to sew the projects I had planned to sew I am excited to have completed another piece. If there are setbacks and I have to grab the seam ripper, no problem that’s more practice, it’s actually a nice challenge to solve what has gone wrong making you appreciate the end product even more. When I don’t get to even start a project I had planned I have found though, I would have expected to be upset by this….. (yes I am still talking about sewing)…. that absence makes the heart grow fonder and instead of being upset I cherish the moment when I will get the chance to sit and sew. Having a busy household to manage with my two boys, two cats and full time work, I take any time I can get at the machine as a blessing and will even squeeze in 10 minutes if that’s all it will be. Enough about me, today for our second post for our regular feature ‘Sew Meet Monday’ I have the pleasure of introducing to you the talented Brenda! sewing blogger who writes at Sew646.

Sewing Blog: Sew646


Sewing Blogger Name:  Brenda Newest Post: Apricot stripes blouse


Blogging since:   mid 2019   


Sewing level: Advanced – suitable for advanced beginner sewists onwards


Blog style and Features:

At first glance you may think this is just a sewing portfolio, however once you start reading you will come across regular detailed sewing tutorials, sewing related book reviews both fiction and nonfiction as well as detailed coverage for each project with pattern information and techniques used. The blog is easy to navigate with menu showing the number of makes each month, since Brenda is based in Canada, you can expecting to find seasonal makes throughout the year. I can absolutely guarantee you will gain  inspiration from reading Brenda’s posts. She comes across as humble and unaware of her talents! Which make her posts all the more interesting to read, Sew646 is a treasure trove!

Source Sew646.blogspot.com  February 2020


Sew Shayarana Likes:

This is difficult, as every blog post I opened my jaw just dropped! The flannel shirt post was the first time this happened, why, you may be wandering? The flannel shirt has a plaid pattern with chest pockets with inverted pleats and the pattern matching is not only spot on, it also creates an eye-catching diamond pattern. Then I went to the first ever blog post expecting to find a simply sewn garment, only to find a gorgeous hand sewn leather handbag, that would give most department stores a run for their money. The post continues to detail all the steps taken to achieve the exquisite piece. Until reading this post, I had thought I would never venture into leather bags, however I now think I would like to try out bag making perhaps starting with a small purse. As well as looking at Brenda’s hand crafted pieces head over to Sew646 and see if you can work out what the 646 stands for?


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