#1 Sew Fine Friday

Happy Friday it’s the first week complete after the Easter break, and I have managed to continue work with sewing projects as well as balancing my work load, which I did not expect to happen. The first day back was a little stressful, so I decided to sew my stresses away and this led into a daily routine. Some of us did not have a holiday, however what we all have in common is facing the current situation, many of you have also been sewing face masks and scrub suits to help out.  Sewing has helped me through overcoming my initial angst, social media has been blooming with creativity, there are many indie pattern companies that have worked tirelessly to release free patterns to share during these tumultuous times to help boost our spirits. Today is our first post for the regular Friday feature, starting today every Friday I will be introducing an Independent Pattern Company and share with you my choice for a pattern that will go on my wish list to make in the future. Whether you are new to sewing or not I am sure  you know of the countless benefits of indie patterns, detailed tutorials, with many designers including step by step video tutorials. Detailed instructions

Introducing Twig and Tale Patterns


Website: www.twigandtale.com



Instructions style: Step by step instructions with diagrams diagrams elaborating each step. Detailed sizing guide and instructions for how to measure. Instructions are illustrated with photos. 

Free patterns: Children’s Petal dress and Face mask Pattern with two options and all sizes child to adult.


Tutorials: Yes on the blog and free access to an embroidery tutorial when you sign up to news letter.


Blog: Yes Lots of tutorials and more information about T + T pattern adaptations


Facebook groups: Yes large community sharing their T + T makes and offer help and advice with patterns.


Sew Shayarana Likes: Simple elegant design features, which are comfortable to wear and you will enjoy making. You will find  T+T also offer embroidery tutorials again with their detailed instructions. If you sign up to the newsletter you can get free access to an embroidary class. Thero range of patterns is for the whole family, Menswear, women’s wears and children’s wear, with many children’s cosplay options too, which are extremely popular. Many of the patterns are suitable for maternity and for baby feeding, you aff extra space in your ‘forester coat’ for your child in a carrier with The ‘Nestledown coat’ add on to extend the forester coat. On the T+T  website and in the sewing patterns there are suggestions for sourcing materials ethically and upcycling. I was part of the tester group for the face masks and have sewn many face masks recently, compared to other patterns I have used, the T+T face mask has a snug fit, there is no chance of it slipping below the nose.


Sew Shayarana Wishlist: Women’s Forester coat, this coat has a zip closure and buttons. 



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