#1 Sew Wednesday Wizardry 

Hooray It’s Wednesday, I have been eager to share our first regular Wednesday feature post. If you don’t know about it already every Wednesday Sew Shayarana will share a short interview with a Sewist found on Instagram. This idea came about as day after day the same people showed up on instagram feed, wanting to explore the sewing world and trying international searches resulted in an amazing array of talent. These posts give you the opportunity to connect with international talent in the world of slow fashion, where designers share their resources, inspirations and process of producing unique slow fashion garments.


Introducing Suzanka


1)Your instagram handle  #sewn_by_suzanka


2) What is your current sewing project you are working on?  I am sewing anti virus masks. 


3) How and when did you start  fashion sewing? I decided to take part in a sewing course for beginners. This was in August 2019. 


4) Where do you seek your ‘sewspiration’?

Instagram, internet, Pinterest, facebook and sewing magazines like Burda Style. 


5) What strategies do you follow to complete a difficult sewing project, do you have any tips for this?

First I am looking for inspiration and sewing patterns, then I think about the fabric I want use. Next I read many times the sewing instructions of the model I want to sew. I am thinking of this project many days, sometimes it can take weeks or even months. I start sewing when I am ready to do it. I also read many articles in the internet with sewing instruction and sewing advise. I also Look on tutorials on YouTube.


6) Which is your favourite type of fabric to work with?

Jersey fabric. 


 7)What is your favourite item of clothing you have sewn?

It’s a dress with animal print. I like it, because it’s 100% my style and it is very fashionable and has a good fit to my body type. 

8)What do you like best about sewing?

I can choose the fabric I like. I can sew clothes that perfectly fit my body. I spend less money on shopping. I am dressed in an original way, nobody in the world will have the same piece of clothing 😊 

9) What advice would you give to people who have considered sewing but not yet started?

I think that everybody can start sewing. I learnt it last year, I could not sew anything before. It’s a skill that everybody can learn.  It is Important to start with small and easy projects so as to not get upset if something goes wrong.

10) What are your  future sewing plans/your next sewing project?

I plan to sew t-shirts and dresses for summer and a pyjama set. I dream about sewing a classic shirt.

Sew Shayarana likes: Clear vibrant photos of work shared, with regular mood board photos to show thoughts behind the project process. Like what you have read so far leave a comment and go take a look at Suzanka’s work.




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