New weekly blog posts and some good news

New weekly blog posts and some good news!

Since I started writing for the blog, I keep getting ideas for what to make and ideas for what to include in this blog the creative juices are feeding my imagination. 

First the good news, Sew Shayarana, though a relatively young blog has made it into the top 100 sewing bloggers list on feedspot. Go check it out, there is some scrolling to find us, we are coming in at 99 hopefully your interest in this blog will see us climb! Thank you for your support so far across all platforms. Nice to see Sew Shayarana in a list with revered sewing bloggers, reading sewing blogs is where this journey began!

To help you plan your sewing week you can count on Sew Shayaranas weekly posts:

Sew Monday Meets

Meet a new sewing blogger 


Sew Wizardry Wednesday 

#instagram sewist of the week


Sew Fine Friday 

Review of indie pattern company of the week


What to look out for?

These will be short and sweet regular feature posts alongside of my regular posts of sewing projects that I share. This idea came about when I was thinking about how I spend my time away from my sewing machine.  A lot of downtime, I find is also sewing related. Researching new project ideas and what I enjoy to read the most, which are sewing blogs. I feel like they are a window into a sewing realm of talented sewists, their ideas and thoughts shared with the global sewing community. On Mondays I will be posting Sew Shayaranas review of a different sewing blog to check out each week. Something unusual I did when deciding about my next sewing machine, as well as looking at reviews I looked at sewing blogs and sewing spaces shared by the bloggers, zooming in to see which sewing machine they used. I spent days looking for my next sewing machine and kept changing my list, what helped solidify my decision were these little windows into individual sewing worlds.


Sew Wizardry Wednesday

Sew Shayarana will reach out to sewists who share their work on Instagram and ask them to share one of their recent makes and inspirations. Instagram feeds normally show local or popular posts, I spend time looking for international talent and am hoping to reach out to a different place from around the globe each week.

Sew Fine Friday

Sew Shayarana’s Friday find; featuring indie pattern designers of the week and one of their patterns to go on my wishlist. Indie sewing patterns are not only great for beginners but for everyone who sews. Though indie patterns are a little pricier than mainstream ones many are start up businesses where each designer wears many hats. Most Indie pattern designers have  blogs too, with their sewing patterns you can expect step by step instructions with diagrams and/or photos, access to groups where you can ask questions and share your makes, tutorials for different techniques required in the projects. I find I can justify spending more on an indie pattern where I know for sure I will accomplish sewing a piece of clothing due to the detailed instructions and support available and the new skills learnt. With cutting edge, quirky and offbeat designs, there is the scope for individuality that is hard to find with mainstream pattern companies. Catering for all sizes, shapes and tastes. You will often find leading experienced sewing personalities will dabble with indie patterns.




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